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New Floor Design

Terrazzo, old world elegance and durability

by Scott Best

A type of flooring I haven’t ever talked too much about is Terrazzo. Known for its beauty, durability and low maintenance, terrazzo has long been a choice of flooring for large corporation and government buildings. Because of its initial cost, Terrazzo has not been thought of as much of a viable flooring material for the home. But with new technologies emerging that is changing

For the same reasons corporations and the government choose to use Terrazzo, many home owners are choosing to use it as well. New technologies have made terrazzo somewhat more affordable as a choice for home flooring. In the traditional sense it is still installed as a preconceived aspect of building design in many instances. But it is no longer limited to the old pour it, pack it, grind it method. Today, many tile manufactures are offering Terrazzo tile as a consumer installed flooring material, all be it, it takes a bit of know how to actually get it installed properly.

Traditionally granite, glass or marble chips are used, but today there are a wide variety of materials used to construct fine looking Terrazzo flooring, including plastics. Not only are the aggregates changing but the methods to produce the flooring are as well, many types moving into epoxy resin based production rather than concrete or masonry solidifiers. ... More

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Transform Your Home With New Flooring.

by: Scott Best

Have you gotten bored with how your home looks, how it feels, has it lost the luster in your heart that it first had when you moved in.  Does it feel like it might be time for a change, for a new place of venue?  A great number of people feel the same way, in fact quite often.  But rather then moving you might consider replacing some or all of the flooring in your home. 

Replacing flooring along with minor changes in furnishings from time to time can keep that feeling of newness ingrained in your home.  Adding a special touch with just the right flooring can make even the most commonplace room décor into something special.  Carpets once were king, now hardwoods and custom style tiling have come into their own.  Not to say that carpeting has gone out of style, it hasn’t.  But more and more where once a home was wall to wall carpet, people are experiencing the magnificence and select beauty that contrasts in flooring materials can make in a home.

One  methods of home decorating use to be to visualize a room with all the furnishings, then furnishing the room with the flooring only being thought of in a functional manner or by virtue of color coordination.  But today it is not uncommon for the floor itself to be the center piece of the room, with everything else being selected only to compliment the beauty of the floor itself.

Interior design today will view a space and visualize a period or a texture that matches the space.  With the texture in mind the very first thing to be concentrated on is what type of flooring to use.  It becomes the single most important element of the space because everything else in the room, by design will compliment that particular flooring material color, texture and design, everything!  You might think that the concept is hard to follow but it really isn’t.  Because flooring is usually the largest single element in a room, it stands to reason that it needs to be considered very highly when its time to make the decision to put it in place.... More

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America’s new choice trend for home flooring

by Scott Best

Americans once again have been drawn to the beauty and practicality of simple flooring materials such as stone and wood. Nothing adds richness to a home as do natural flooring materials that have not only lasting beauty and durability but sound ecological overtones as well. Materials like stone tile, bamboo and all manner of hardwood floors are long lasting and easily maintained.

There once was a time when wall to wall carpeting was unheard of in a home, for many reasons. One of the biggest was the lack of an effective way to clean such flooring. Only with the dawn of the affordable electric vacuum was it practical to have such flooring. Early carpeting was nothing more then large rugs that were rolled up and carried outside to have the dust and dirt beaten out of them with sticks or poles as they were either hung over the branch of a tree or suspended over a wire made specifically for the task.

The advent of cheap machine woven carpets and the improvement of the electric vacuum made it seemingly more practical to have rooms full of carpet. Everyone had wood or stone floors, because those were the natural materials available. Those of wealth could afford to purchase large rugs and carpet. Not to say that rugs and carpet didn’t have a... More

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Choice trend for home flooring
Americans once again have been drawn to the beauty and practicality of simple flooring materials such as stone and wood. Nothing adds richness to a home as do natural flooring materials that have not only lasting beauty and durability but sound ecological overtones as well...More
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