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How To Clean Cat Urine

Wondering how to clean cat urine? it's a common dilemma. The scent of cat urine is strong, its stains are vivid, and it's very difficult to remove from carpet, flooring, upholstery, or anywhere else. It seems impossible, so what do you do?

Well, there are several techniques you can follow, but first you need to find the right product. Because cat diets are rich in protein, their urine has an especially strong odor and is likely to produce noticeable stains. A good cleaning product will neutralize the proteins in the cat urine.

Regular household cleaning products, such as carpet-cleaners, won't do the trick. No matter what, avoid using ammonia or ammonia-based products. Ammonia smells similar to cat urine, so these products will only encourage the cat to urinate in the area again.

Only products made specifically for cleaning cat urine will do. These products fall into one or more of the following three categories: enzymatic, bacterial, and chemical.

Choose a cleaning product that has enzymes to neutralize the odor and/or bacteria that essentially eat the elements in the urine that cause the odor. There are chemical-based products that will eliminate the odor, but you have to be careful. Some are better than others.

Cat urine cleaning products are available at a number of places?online stores, pet supply stores, your veterinarian's office, and even a few grocery or discount stores. These stores can offer a number of different brands and varieties.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a cat urine cleaning product. Here are a few:

- The age of the stain. Is the stain fresh, or it is old? A fresh stain is much easier to clean than an old, or dried, stain. Some products work better on fresh stains, while others are designed to work on either fresh or old stains.

- The location of the stain. Did the cat urinate on carpet, hardwood flooring, linoleum, or tile? How about upholstery or clothing? Some cleaners only work safely on specific surfaces.

- Spraying vs. elimination. Did the cat spray to mark territory, or did he urinate simply as a means of eliminating waste? Some products have synthetic pheromones that calm the cat and discourage spraying.

You have the basic information, so now you're ready for more. Of course, there are plenty of other factors to consider when choosing a cat urine cleaning product. And once You've chosen the product, you want to make sure you use the proper techniques?specifically, how to clean cat urine.

Jenny Johnson is a pet lover and the author of the highly successful ebook "How To Clean Dog & Cat Urine". To learn how you too can clean your cat's urine, and live in a clean, odor-free home again, please visit:

How To Clean Cat Urine

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